Blue meadow lampshade


Blue meadow lampshade featuring a modern look great for a ceiling light shade or table lamp in len fabric 

Blue meadow crushed velvet lampshade is perfect for bringing a modern look into your home. This beautiful lampshade can be used as a ceiling light shade or as a table lamp shade.

We are happy to provide free colour & pattern samples. If you are interested in receiving samples, please get in touch via messages with a list of the samples you’d like to see and your address.

Get in touch if you’re looking for something completely unique for your home.

Our standard sizes (Diameter x Height) are:

● 15cm X 15cm
● 20cm X 18cm
● 25cm X 21cm
● 30cm X 21cm
● 35cm X 21cm
● 40cm X 25cm
● 45cm X 25cm

Our lampshades come with a E27 European fitting (40mm) with a removable B22 British reducer (28mm), which allows our lampshades to fit most light fittings & bases.

You can select either pendant (ceiling) or table orientation; A pendant orientation will have the utility fixture at the top, and a table will have the fixture at the bottom. Please message to confirm which it it you require